My favorite LA Eats

My favorite LA Eats

On top of the Hollywood Sign!

On top of the Hollywood Sign!

I was thinking about writing up a full LA Food Guide but there's a lot of vegan food in Los Angeles and more opening up every week. Instead, I decided to share my favorites. There is always more vegan food every time I visit, so definitely be sure to check out @veganfatkid & @rollercoastervegan for the good eats.

Where to Eat (Restaurants):

Donut Friend

Some of the best donuts out in the world and highly indulgent.

Suggested order: Green Teagan and Sara, Bacon 182, Polar Berry Club, X-Ray Speculoos, Custard Front Drive

IMG_6064 2.JPG

Located in Chinatown is a no-frills burger joint. Not everything is vegan so make sure to get the vegan options!

Suggested: Vegan Cheeseburger, Lord of the Fries

Little Pine


Cute vegan restaurant where all proceeds go to animal organizations. It’s also home to the best vegan croissant I’ve ever had.

Suggested: Vegan Croissant, Sliders



Vegan Ramen spot in the Grand Central Market food court with the most rich broth and a realistic looking vegan egg.

Suggested: Spicy Ramen

Pura Vita


Amazing Italian food in an intimate space. Reservations are encouraged and always check out the specials.

Suggested: Baked Ricotta, Black Magic Lasagna, Carbonara.

Monty’s Good Burger


Old-school burger joint that really serves up a good burger.

Suggested: Double Patty Impossible Burger, Tater Tots with Onion Aioli

Spoke Bicycle Cafe

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Cafe by the river that specializes in rental bicycles, bicycle parking, and a cute outdoor space with all-day breakfast vegan food.

Suggested: Breakfast Bun

Seabirds Kitchen

Assorted dishes from Seabirds:  Purple Taquitos, Burnt Brussels, Taco

Assorted dishes from Seabirds: Purple Taquitos, Burnt Brussels, Taco

A very California feeling restaurant with great global vegan food.

Suggested: Mac and Cheese, Chinese Shiitake Salad

Magpies Soft Serve

Fried Pie + Corn Almond Soft Serve

Fried Pie + Corn Almond Soft Serve

Amazing dairy-free soft serve options with lots of specials. Not everything is vegan, but the vegan options are truly special.
Suggested: Fried Pie + Corn Almond Soft Serve


Peanut Butter Soft Serve

Peanut Butter Soft Serve

Vegan soft serve shop with rotating flavors made with cashew, coconut, and probiotics. It’s all organic, healthy, and soy free!

Suggested: Green Tea Soft Serve, Lavender Soft Serve, Home made waffle cones

Pop Ups!

These are some of the amazing popups in the LA area. Look on their Instagram to see where they’re popping up next!

The Wild Chive

Brunch Menu: Special Fried Chicken Sandwich, Breakfast in Bread, Monte Cristo (French Toast Sandwich)

Brunch Menu: Special Fried Chicken Sandwich, Breakfast in Bread, Monte Cristo (French Toast Sandwich)

Ex-Champs Diner (hi, NYC friends) chef created the Wild Chive, which is some of the best food I’ve ever had. The food is globally inspired, and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Suggested: Shroom Burger, Breakfast in Bread

Cena Vegan


Vegan Mexican vendor that’s super popular because of their amazing plant-based meats. They sell their meats, but you can also get burritos, tacos, and bowls topped with their meats!

Suggested: Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, Al Pastor, Barbacoa meats in a burrito



Mexican vegan popup with amazing food! They’re super popular and yummy.

Suggested: Nachos, Tacos

Plant Alchemy


Vegan pizzas made with their own vegan meats and cheese! They’re around at pop-ups so be sure to check them out,

Suggested: Buffalo Pizza, Breakfast Pizza


Vegan Street Fair

Vegan Street Fair has various events throughout the year (the main event is usually in March) all involving amazing food! It’s a huge outdoor festival with amazing vegan vendors serving up some of LA’s top eats.

Eat Drink Vegan


Usually in May/June, there’s this HUGE outdoor one-day food festival with unlimited alcoholic pours. The unlimited pours are included in the admission price, and the food costs extra, but vendors from around the world come to serve up the LA community for Eat Drink Vegan! 

See what I ate at Eat Drink Vegan 2018!

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