Juice Press Clean Eating Plan

Juice Press Clean Eating Plan


Juice Press is a fully organic, vegan, and wellness brand. They have been around since 2010 and have grown to 70+ locations. I worked at Juice Press (JP) as a smoothie maker for a short period in college, so I can promise you that they do not compromise on the quality or health benefits in everything they create. I am obsessed with their Almond Butter Cup smoothie, Hawaiian Healer smoothie, raw oatmeal, and schmear breakfast bagel. It's so hard to stay away, especially when they keep expanding their collection of products. One of their newer collection of products is the 3-day and 5-day clean eating plan. Unlike a juice cleanse, there's actual food, and it's meant to be healthy, easy, and delicious. I did the 3 day cleanse, and here’s how it went:


I worked with JP to figure out which location was the most convenient for me to pick up my daily, fresh, clean eating plan. They do also deliver, but there was a JP one block from where I worked, so I worked with that location to customize my perfect clean eating plan. They have some sample menus online, but I worked with Cetura at JP over email. I alerted her to my sensitivity to quinoa and caffeine, so she made sure the customized plan didn't have those ingredients. I organized a time to pickup, and that's it, super easy!

Day 1:

  • Fountain of Youth Smoothie
  • Soul Garden Green Juice
  • Mother Earth Green Juice
  • Raw Ravioli 
  • Asian Style Noodle Bowl
  • Red Lentil Soup

Optional Snacks for purchase:

  • Almond Cacao Protein Bar
  • Kale Chips
  • Dirty Detox Drink
  • Rehab Shot (can be replaced with morning caffeine drink)

Day 2:

  • $&"@ing Genius Blueberry Protein Smoothie
  • OMG Green Juice
  • Soul Garden Green Juice
  • Pesto Mushroom Noodle Bowl (fave)
  • Simple Green and Veggie Salad (with a truffle dressing)
  • Butternut Squash Soup

Optional Snacks:

  • Mint Chip Protein Bar
  • Cracko Del Jacko Cashew
  • JP Energy Shot (very strong!)
Peato Mushroom Noodle Bowl

Peato Mushroom Noodle Bowl

Day 3:

  • Mini Oatmeal (amazing with the berry jam)
  • Greens and Earth Green Juice 
  • Soul Garden Green Juice
  • Rose Water
  • Aloe Water
  • Roasted Veggie Salad
  • Pesto Mushroom Noodle Bowl (I didn't want a quinoa dish, so I had this again!)
  • Souper Greens Soup (green and gross looking but super creamy)
  • Mushroom Chili (hearty and tasty)

Optional Snacks:

  • Green Protein Bar
  • Dried Mangoes

Post Cleanse Thoughts:

I would do this cleanse again to give my body a refresh. Everything was super natural, healthy, and made with real plants.  

The cleanse was also easier than I expected. I've played around with juice cleanses and soup cleanses before, but I always found myself hungry and cranky. Juice Press provided me enough food and snacks to help me stay energized throughout the day, especially with the savory and hearty mid-day soup. I wished I had a heavier breakfast than just a juice a juice/energy shot (the Day 3 oatmeal started my day perfectly), but besides that, I was pretty satisfied the rest of the day. I also liked how Juice Press balanced my palate with both sweet and savory tastes because I often find juice cleanses to be too sweet, but the JP noodle bowls, salad dressings, and soups made a good balance. Overall, I was happy with everything I put in my body and was excited to take a break from processed foods (doesn’t mean I’m giving up pizza though). 

PS: You willl poop more. It will be green. 

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