The 7 Best Vegan Burgers in NYC

The 7 Best Vegan Burgers in NYC

In my experience, a lot of restaurants will try to be more vegan friendly and then add a veggie burger to the menu. Sometimes there's egg in the patty (not vegan), sometimes there's egg in the bun (not vegan), sometimes it just tastes like mushy vegetables (vegan, but not tasty). So there's a lot of opportunities to mess up a vegan burger. I've tasted many burgers in my life time, so here are the VEGAN EATS NYC vetted and approved veggie burgers that don't suck.

1. Superiority Burger

 Left: Tofu Fried Tofu Burger, Right: New Creation Burger

Left: Tofu Fried Tofu Burger, Right: New Creation Burger

A small shop in the East Village that almost always has a line because everything is that good. Every Monday they have a tofu fried burger, and every day they're open they serve their famous veggie burger, and my personal favorite, the New Creation, which is a loaded yuba burger. No one does burgers like Superiority Burger, and they also have amazing ice cream (I repeat, amazing ice cream). Good thing the burgers are small because I almost always eat more than one. This shop is fully vegetarian, but everything can be vegan, just specify!

430 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

2. Chickpea and Olive

 Buffalo Fried Tofu Sandwich

Buffalo Fried Tofu Sandwich

My Smorgasburg favorite blossomed to its own original location in the Whole Foods in Williamsburg. They serve a fully loaded phatty beet patty burger (my personal favorite is the Bacon Cheddar Ranch with hickory smoked eggplant bacon, v-cheddar cheese, bread and butter pickles, fresh herb house-made ranch), which is one of the first things I've ever had. However, my new love is the Buffalo Chicken Fried Tofu Sandwich because of how crispy and saucy it is. It's technically not a burger, but has a burger bun, so I'm going to count that in this rank. 

Whole Foods Williamsburg
238 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

3. Veggie Castle II


It takes me about an hour to get here on the train, but it's worth it. Veggie Castle II in South Richmond Hill, Queens serves juices, buffet-style Guyanese style food, patties, and of course, burgers. My favorite is the fried oyster mushroom burger, but you can't go wrong with anything here. Veggie Castle II has become somewhat of a vegan fan favorite which makes the trek for us complaining Manhattanites worth it. 

 132-09 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

4. Martys V Burger


Martys V Burger is owned by the sweetest man who has a passion for showing people how tasty vegan food is. He got his start at the Vegetarian Food Festival in 2014 and since then opened up his own shop in Manhattan, feeding us hangry corporate folk. Some fan favorite menu items include the Crabby Patty (yes, like Spongebob), the World Famous Burger, and his mac & cheese., 

134 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016

5. Next Level Burger

 Animal Style Burger, Fort Greene Milkshake

Animal Style Burger, Fort Greene Milkshake

Coming from Bend, Oregon is Next Level Burger, a vegan fast food joint, but 100% vegan. They somehow make fast food healthier than it usually is, so it can make you feel better when you eat a 1200 calorie animal burger. Yes, that's a real thing with two patties and fries. But if you want something more modest, they have those burgers as well. They also serve salads when you want something lighter. They also serve milkshakes when you don't want something lighter. 

NLB is in the 365 Whole Foods in Brooklyn
292 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217

6. Cinnamon Snail

 Beastmode Burger

Beastmode Burger

I usually talk about their donuts because it's carb perfection, but you know what else is carb perfection? Pretzel buns! Cinnamon Snail takes these two pieces of amazing bread and turned it into the Beastmode Burger Deluxe with Ancho chili seitan burger grilled in maple hickory BBQ sauce with jalapeno mac n cheese, arugula, smoked chili coconut bacon, and chipotle mayo on a grilled pretzel bun. So come to Cinnamon Snail to be in carb heaven.

7th Ave & West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10005

7. Bareburger

 Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger

If you need a place to bring non-vegans and share a great meal, Bareburger is your place. They have tons of locations in the city, and each one of these places carries the Impossible Burger, Beyond Burger, and their own veggie patty blend. They carry vegan cheese and let you top it off with whatever you want. So get crazy!

Multiple Locations

Other Good Options:

These are all really good options that I've tried or my followers recommended to me, but it isn't my first choice when it comes to burger cravings.

  • By Chloe - I don't promote By Chloe as much because of the drama that happened with Chef Chloe and her hospitality company. However, they still are a very successful vegan company, and they do have a really good guac burger that I used to love pre-boycott. 
  • Blossom Du Jour - vegan fast food restaurant chain with a lot of burger options including what they call the "skyscraper burger"
  • Organic Grill - the famous green machine burger. They do an eating challenge of eating three burgers in ten minutes for the prize of honor and a T-shirt
  • 5 Napkin Burger - they aren't vegan by any means, but if you're stuck with a group of omnivorous eaters, at least they offer the impossible patty
  • White Castle - they offer the impossible sliders when you are in the mood for some fast food
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