13 products for a perfect vegan birthday party

13 products for a perfect vegan birthday party


I threw my 23rd birthday party at the end of April 2018 (even though my birthday is at the end of March. Yes, I’m one of those birthday month people #sorrynotsorry), I wanted to celebrate my birthday with all the amazing people I’ve met through Instagram, so I partnered with The Culinistas, a private chef service in New York, to throw an amazing vegan party. Here are 13 amazing brands to have on your radar that helped me (and will help you) throw an amazing vegan birthday party!

PS: I linked each company’s website to their name, so browse away at why they’re awesome. Most of these products are available at Whole Foods! 

1. The Culinistas - to prep food


The Culinistas is a private chef service based out of New York that creates and preps a healthy, fresh, and customized menu for weekly meals, dinner parties, or for any event that has food (let’s be real though, all events should have food). I met the founders, Jill and Tiana, at a panel about women in food, and I was excited about their mission is to make in-home chef services accessible to all. I can guarantee that anything they create will taste amazing, be good for you, and impress any guest. The Culinistas’ chef services make me feel like I’m living my best life...I mean, just look at that carrot dip and those perfectly cut veggies.

Here’s the menu The Culinistas prepped for my birthday party:

  • Roasted Carrot Dip & Crudités
  • Spicy Portobello Pasta Salad (made with Tolerant pasta) 
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro & Lime (made with a Kite Hill cream based sauce)
  • Crunchy Kohlrabi with Cashews & Citrus
  • Cherry-Dressed Greens & Wild Rice (made with greens from bowery farm and grains from Earthly Choice)
  • Seared Cucumber Tabbouleh
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches made with more good life cookies and So Delicous ice cream

2. L’entramise- to set the table


Washing dishes after having a lot of guests over is a hassle, but using paper cups and plates isn’t very sophisticated (sadly I’m not in college anymore, and my guests expect more from me). L’enteamise takes care of this problem with single-use tablewear that actually look good! Their plates, cups, bowls, and silverware come in a variety of designs, and can fool anyone into thinking that you shop at Crate and Barrel and are a classy lady! Honestly though, this is some of the best looking tableware I’ve seen, single-use or not. I was tempted to wash them all and make them my everyday plates tbh.

3. Earthly Choice- to provide the carbz 


When I am constantly moving around in NYC, I find it difficult to cook. Earthly Choice is my go-to when I’m on the move because they have easy-to-cook quinoa and other grains that’s already seasoned and doesn’t require much work. Earthly Choice also has regular grains that need prep work though, so I can still learn how to #adult. What makes Earthly Choice stand out to me is their commitment to make nature’s flavors stand out. They emphasize less common grains like black rice and bamboo rice, sell superfood blends, and just have such a variety of products that I could spend all day browsing.

4. Tolerant Foods - for the pasta dishes


Any excuse I can make to eat pasta or noodles, I’ll take it. All those carbs are just part of my everyday life, but when there’s a healthier option, I’m all over that! Tolerant Foods creates lentil based pasta (currently available: red and green lentil pastas) that’s full of protein (21 grams), fiber, and flavor. A lot of “healthy pasta” often tastes too mushy when cooked, but these pennes kept their shape, texture, and flavor, so win-win!

5. Bowery Farming - for the greens


When you imagine local farming, you probably think of the closest rural area near you and the friendly farmers that work there...but what if I told you that local farming could happen in a vertical setting that used less soil and water than traditional farming, all in a controlled greenhouse that allows for growing all year around?! This vertical farm vision I’m talking about is the Bowery Farming company, and they’re pioneering the vertical farming movement. With their quality product that also tastes fresher than what I get at the weekend farmer’s market, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone became a Bowery Farming fan!

6. Kite Hill - for your cheese desires

If you haven’t had Kite Hill, you need to go to the nearest Whole Foods and buy the jalapeño (or chive) cream cheese as a starter, and it will change your life. Kite Hill is a dairy alternative company that specializes in almond based products, and they have a bunch of dairy-free products like yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, and ricotta! Everything they have tastes great raw, but makes an awesome addition to any dish. 

Check out my Kite Hill Mac and cheese recipe! 

Some of the Culinistas’ menu items using these awesome products!

Some of the Culinistas’ menu items using these awesome products!

7. So Delicious - for dessert

So Delicous is an incredibly popular dairy-free brand, so I don’t think I have to tell you too much about them. However, I just want to stress that the new flavors of dairy-free ice cream they keep releasing just keep getting creamier, with more interesting bases (like cashew milk), and with fun flavors (blueberry cardamom is my favorite right now). Thank you So Delicious for providing great dairy-free options and for changing the vegan game!  

Check out my blog post on these So Delicous new flavors 

8. more good life - for even more dessert

So Delicous Ice Cream with More Good Life cookies

So Delicous Ice Cream with More Good Life cookies

People think being vegan is healthier, but it’s very easy to get indulgent quickly, and I actually prefer something that tastes good instead of being packed with unnecessary super foods. more good life is a vegan cookie company created by the sweetest woman ever who quit her job as a lawyer to open up this amazing vegan business. The cookies are gluten-free, thick, and perfect for dipping into non-dairy milk, eating whole, or turning into ice cream sandwiches like we did here! They currently only have chocolate chip cookies, but trust me, you won’t be able to eat just one.

 9. FitVine Wine - for the alcohol


We will probably never live in a world where wine is 100% healthy (fingers crossed though), but Fit Vine Wine sure is making it easier to “drink clean.” The wine is fully vegan, lab tested to be free from additives/pesticides, non-GMO, 30% less sugar and carbs, and they’re all under 100 calories per 5 ounces. The wines are tasty, light, and affordable...but we don’t really need another excuse to drink more wine right ;)? 

10. Hal’s Seltzer Water - to stay hydrated


New Yorkers are very protective about a lot of things including the quality of their water. That’s why Hal’s New York has the best seltzer water on the market in my opinion. They use New York City water, and they have a ton of flavors outside of original, like coffee, cherry, lemon, and more. These flavors make water more fun, but the best part is that this seltzer is super carbonated, so it’s like a party in your mouth!

11. Matchabar - for healthy caffeine 


Matchabar used to be just a cute little coffee shop in Brooklyn that was the first speciality matcha spot in the city. Since their first cafe, they’ve expanded to another location in the East Village, and now serve these portable caffeinated drinks to meet your matcha needs wherever you go. Matchabar’s goal is to bring matcha to the people, so these bottles make it easy to get high quality, tasty matcha anywhere. I love drinking Matchabar’s stuff (but never after 1pm or I’ll be up all night)! 

12. Plant Snacks - for light snacks/chips 


I remember when chip companies came out with “baked” chips to try to be healthier, but why not eat chips made of Yuca instead to actually be healthier? Plant Snacks makes chips that are free from the big 8 allergens made from the root vegetable cassava aka yuca. They currently have 4 flavors out, but my personal favorites are the beet with goat cheese chips and the vegan cheddar chips. Each bite is crunchy and tastes like a healthy, vegan Cheez-It.

13. Brandless - for an amazing gift basket

Brandless, despite the fact that they don’t have any “brands” is the coolest new brand on the block. Their mission is to provide affordable everyday goods that start at just $3 without compromising quality (even a vegan’s staple like coconut oil is $3). Their products are GMO-free, fair-trade, organic, and best of all, they have an entire vegan section on their website. So yes, I’d rather not pay brand markups and go Brandless instead because they’re awesome. 


Special thanks so much to everyone who came to my birthday party!


Amazing Brands, amazing times!

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