Vegan Options in the Meatpacking District

Vegan Options in the Meatpacking District

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This was originally part of Meatpacking District’s Meatless Monday.

Last updated September 2018

The average American consumes 45% more meat in a day than the USDA recommends, so why not cut back once a week and go Meatless on Monday? Eating plant based can help your health and reduce your risk of health conditions like heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. You’ll also be doing your part in saving the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, fuel dependence, and water usage, which are resources that are heavily used in the livestock industry. On a more positive note, think of the cute cows and pigs you’ll be saving by not eating them!

I’ll make Meatless Monday easy for you by providing a list of spots to eat at in an unexpectedly Meat-less neighborhood – the Meatpacking District! If you haven’t been lately, this trendy neighborhood on the westside of Manhattan has amazing food halls, hip coffee shops, and lots of vegan options. Cheers to Meatless Monday in the Meatpacking!

Jack’s Stir Brew for Vegan Doughnuts


Housed within the very fashionable rag & bone lives Jack’s Stir Brew, a 100% organic coffee shop with vegan treats! That’s right, you can eat vegan doughnuts while drinking your coffee with oat milk. When you’re stuffing your face with baked goods, this is where you will learn being vegan doesn’t only mean salads and green juices.

Chalait for Matcha Lattes and Pastries


Chalait is a matcha-speciality cafe that has amazing drinks, snacks, and food within Chelsea Market. I normally can’t handle caffeine, but I always make an exception for matcha. Not only is matcha a beautiful green color, it’s full of health benefits, and so versatile (there’s matcha everything these days: matcha banana bread, matcha ice cream…I mean, I’m not complaining). At Chalait, I suggest the matcha smoothie bowl, matcha latte, and any of the vegan pastries (I personally like the black bean brownie the most).



I truly believe food is better enjoyed when it’s served on fancy plates and sitting on nice furniture. If you’re looking for a fancier vegan meal (perhaps to impress your vegan date), Blackbarn has got you covered. Housed within the Blackbarn furniture store in Chelsea Market is a little restaurant that is more sophisticated than I can ever wish to be. I enjoyed a bunch of their salads, cocktails, and had the macadamia coffee mousse cake for dessert! When you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else, come here!

Very Fresh Noodles

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When people ask me what my favorite noodle spot is in NYC, I always say Very Fresh Noodles. I love places that don’t try to hide behind fancy marketing or brands. You get exactly what you expect here: Very. Fresh. Noodles. This Chelsea Market stall makes fresh chewy and long noodles that are full of flavor (you can watch them pull the noodles by hand too!). They have two vegan dishes – vegan dan dan noodles that’s super spicy, and a mushroom, bok choy, and mock duck noodle dish (available in a soup or dry). You can’t go wrong with either, especially if you wash down the carbs with their fresh soy milk with red bean.

Beyond Sushi


Vegan sushi sounds like an oxymoron, but trust me, this no-fish sushi is as tasty as it is beautiful. Another fan-favorite in Chelsea Market, Beyond Sushi doesn’t make the vinegered rice dish with  fake fish, but focuses on bringing out the complex flavors and textures of vegetables through the medium of sushi. My favorite rolls are the Spicy Mang (Black rice, avocado, mango, and english cucumber topped with spicy veggies. Sauce: toasted cayenne) and the Mighty Mushroom (Six-grain rice, enoki mushrooms, baked tofu, braised shiitake, and micro arugula. Sauce: shiitake truffle).

Simo Pizza


This is the perfect place to come to when you’re craving pizza, but don’t want to eat anything too heavy. All the pizzas are under $10, perfect for one (there are some things I don’t want to share), thin-crusted, and ready in under 90 seconds! They only have one vegan pizza pie, but it is light, cheeseless (nothing processed!), and hits the spot. This vegan Marinara pizza has San Marzano tomato, fresh tomatoes, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and basil.



This fast casual salad chain has attracted a following of customers who know that eating healthy vegetables doesn’t have to come with a sacrifice in flavor. I usually like to say being vegan isn’t just eating raw vegetables, but sweetgreen does raw vegetables so well that I can’t complain. In fact, if I had to eat salad everyday, sweetgreen would make that experience actually pleasurable. My go to salad is usually the Spicy Thai (roasted sesame tofu, raw corn, cucumbers, shredded cabbage, basil, cilantro, spicy sunflower seeds, organic arugula, chopped romaine, lime squeeze, spicy cashew dressing) because it has an unexpected kick!

I hope you enjoyed my Meatless Monday tour around the Meatpacking District. I’ve been vegan for over eleven years, and it’s now easier (and tastier) than ever before, especially in this cute culinary-rich neighborhood.You don’t have to go vegan today, but it doesn’t hurt to spend your Monday eating some beautiful and tasty vegetables.

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