Best NYC Vegan Donuts

Best NYC Vegan Donuts

Just as people say that NYC water makes bagels taste better, then that has to apply to donuts too right (they look similar at least, so I think this analogy works)? There’s a lot of vegan donuts in the city and just as I finally figured out there’s no true right way to spell this delicious fried pastry - “Doughnut” is the OG spelling referring to an original yeast risen doughnut and “donut” is the short form that can be used interchangeably, I also created this guide to help you sugar load. Happy Homer Simpson eating everyone!

Dunwell Doughnuts

Established in 2011, Dunwell Doughnuts serves artisan doughnuts that I feel are most similar to an elevated Dunkin’ Donuts (no shade, I used to love Dunkin). They also have a famous stuffed Boston cream pie flavor that sells out in the morning, so go early.

Cinnamon Snail

Cinnamon Snail’s donuts are more cakey than yeasty, and they always have the best decorations on their donuts (any design you can think of - they can make!) There’s classic flavors, some are stuffed with chocolate, and check out their specials like my favorite smores or Crème brûlée flavor.

Peaceful Provisions

Peaceful Provisions currently only does pop-ups, but you can often find them at the monthly vegan markets or at Orchard Grocer.  They have traditional yeast risen donuts, filled, and the donuts are always  generously HUGE. The flavors are always varied, but you can get their latest flavor updates via Instagram. My favorite donut crew out there!

Jack's Stir Brew Coffee

Jack’s Stir Brew is a coffee shop, but they serve up small, dense, and moist vegan donuts with your morning brew. The cinnamon sugar is always a classic for me, but this winter special was as festive as it was yummy.

Juice Generation

Juice Generation specializes in juices, but their little vegan pastry case with muffins and cake donuts are a nice treat. These mini donuts with superfood ingredients like the avocado chocolate donut, dragonfruit, and cinnamon swirl (okay no superfood here - just good tastes). At less than 170 calories each, they’re a nice after workout treat!

Erin McKenna (also gluten-free!)

Erin McKenna is a vegan and gluten-free bakery that doesn’t sacrifice moisture or taste for the lack of gluten. The strawberry donut always has the perfect amount of sweetness in its frosting while covering an airy and fluffy donut.

Doughnut Plant

This popular donut shop doesn’t skimp out on creating one of the most moist and soft cake donuts I’ve ever had. They have two vegan donuts: chocolate and banana. The chocolate donut will leave sweet, sticky chocolate donut fluff on your fingers, but it’s so good you’ll want to lick your fingers clean. The banana donut tastes just like moist banana bread, so definitely get that. 


Mochi donuts are a real thing thanks to Alimama in Chinatown. They create vegan mochi munchkins in both matcha and taro for a beautiful color and squish factor. The munchkins are fresh out of the oven, made to order, and will come out warm and soft. When you bite into one, you’ll encounter powdered sugar, the gooey mochi, and the need to cool the little carb ball in your mouth before swallowing. They also serve the donuts in its traditional round shape, but the munchkins are so fun and easy to share!


This popular cute & indulgent Astoria, Queens cafe features vegan donuts! Comfortland is my preteen dreams come true with many pastels, rainbows, and references to eating good food. They always have at least two vegan donuts, and I got to try the blueberry cobbler and peanut butter chocolate with potato chips. 


This coffee chain believes that you should eat a good pastry with your espresso, so their chai donuts are really an additional pick me up. These cake donuts are smaller than my preferred donut size, but they just makes it socially acceptable to eat more than one in my opinion.  


An apple cider donut is my true weakness because it takes me back to those fall weekends apple picking, and Terri really proves that the classics can’t be wrong. In addition to their sandwiches, salads, and juices, they have a case full of apple cider donuts that are fluffy, soft, and a great way to end my meal. 

Gigi’s Doughnuts

Gigi only shows her face at pop ups but her unique and high quality ingredients (like a donut!) make it worth seeking. I love that she stuffs some of her donuts with a not-too-sweet buttercream because it makes for a beautiful donut opening video. Don’t forget to try her classic mojito flavor!

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